Update on the Tutoring Front

I emailed the chemistry department here at the university that I’m at and they said they wouldn’t be able to get me on to the tutor list until June. After looking at their website they suggest that graduate students charge $15/hour. Since I have a PhD, I can charge more, but chances are an undergraduate student would prefer to pay less to get someone with 3-5 less years of experience. I’ve decided that, based on the rates of tutoring I see in the area for other tutors, that the following are appropriate rates (if not a little high):

On-campus tutoring: $25/hour
Off-campus tutoring: $30/hour
MCAT tutoring: $50/hour
Online tutoring: $100/month or $30/week
On-campus tutoring with an online tutoring “subscription”: $15/hour

My goal is to just get my name out there. I put an add up on Craigslist, I’ve emailed the Chemistry Advisor on campus. I’ll make up some flyers tonight to hang up in the hall ways and get in touch with the Chemistry teachers at the local high schools.

So once that is all done, I’ll “sit and wait” for a few more weeks before perusing it even farther. The semester is about to end here anyway, so I may be out of luck with private tutoring until the fall rolls around. But until then I’ll continue to put my name out there.

As for Tutor.com, because I took last Thursday off and didn’t tutor all weekend (factored in to my “pace”), I’m now below the pace for $200 by the end of the month. I’ll need to get 4.5 hours by the end of the 15th of this month. I did an hour today. So 3.5 hours in 2 days.

Goal by end of month: $300
Amount at current pace: $158

Obviously, I need to do more to get to my goal. Or pick up some independent tutoring work.


One Response to Update on the Tutoring Front

  1. Punch Debt In The Face says:

    Thatta girl. That should bring in way more business for ya in the long run. Just remember to be patient, it takes a while for the word to spread, but once it does…booya!

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