*sigh* Once again, money is tight

I had to buy Jack food today, which cost me $52 for a 30lb bag. This dog sure doesn’t eat cheap. I’m looking forward to him becoming an adult for the pure monetary benefit of his food costing less.

The moral of the story, though, is that I have $250 left in my ING account for the rest of the month. Once all my bills get paid from my BofA account I’ll be able to transfer around $75 over into the ING, but that won’t be till the last week of the month. So, I have ~$325 for the next 20 days, or approximately $16/day.

That isn’t too bad, but I will need to get Jack a Bordetella shot and Frontline flea medicine either this weekend or next, and that will be another $50. So now I’m down to around $13/day.

So, things are tight monetarily, but I think I’ll be able to persevere through this without going over budget.

I was reading No Communism, and for some reason one of his statements really hit me:

As long as you manage to save 10% of your income, I don’t give two shits what you do with the other 90% of it. You can blow it all on crack and strippers for all I care. Yeah, I’ve said it before. And I’ll say it again. It really is that simple.

And yeah, fundamentally he’s right, it doesn’t matter as long as you save 10%. He has a point. But the other part of that puzzle is that you have to be able to live within the remaining 90%, and pay off the debt you’ve incurred if you haven’t in the past been able to live within that 90%. I HAVE to pay at least $450 every month because while I was in graduate school I couldn’t/didn’t live within my 100%.

In an imaginary world that I currently don’t live in, if I did not have to pay for the “mistakes” of my past then I would most definitely be able to live very comfortably within 90% of my income.

So, really, the frugality, the meal planning, no-drive days, coupon clipping, ect isn’t just because of an insane obsession – it is to HELP us who haven’t in the past lived within our means find a way to do so.

And in reality, I’m STILL not following the 10% advice. I’m only saving 4% of my income every month. However, I’m lucky enough to have a job that pays me 10% of my income on TOP of my 100% income directly to a retirement account. (So really, I get a 110% salary, where the 10% magically disappears and I NEVER see if until I’m 65). I’d like to get myself to the 10% level, but for now, this is sufficient for my until I can pay down my credit card debt.


2 Responses to *sigh* Once again, money is tight

  1. Nelson says:

    Hey, thanks for the shout out. It always feels good when something I write has an impact on someone.

    I’ve spent some time around your blog and do have to commend you for your efforts to tutor to make extra cash. You also seem to do a good job of making the most of your resources.

    If you were serious about saving 10% of your income, you’d make two choices:

    1) Get rid of your dog
    2) Stop spending so much money when you go see Cpt. Baseball

    There. I just cut out 10% of your expenses.

    I realize that my advice may not be very realistic. And I really don’t want you to take it. I’d rather see you make more money and continue to live the life you live. But if you were serious about saving, you could do it.

    It’s not that people CAN’T save. It’s that they WON’T save. They make decisions that leave them unable to meet their goals, then complain about how it isn’t possible.

    This gives me an idea for my next post. Come check it out if I haven’t pissed you off too bad.

  2. SS4BC says:

    Nope, not pissed off in the least.You’re absolutely right that if I was truly serious about it I would get rid of the dog or stop spending so much when I go to see Cpt. Baseball. You’re nailed it on the head.I suppose I see the dog just like I a credit card debt or anything else, I made the mistake of getting him when I couldn’t afford him, but now he is part of my life and I have to deal with that. However, there are portions of his life that I CAN save on, and one of those is daycare. I mean fuck, most people who have dogs NEVER send their dog to daycare, and here I spend around $200/month to do so. The main reason being he’s a puppy and has TONS of energy. Even after a full day of romping around he can come home and romp around for another 3 hours. It can be exhausting if I want to tutor or if I have something else I have to do that day.But that is me just making justifications and in the end also creating a bigger daycare bill. =)As for Cpt. Baseball, that ABSOLUTELY has to be resolved. Anyway, thanks again for your comments, I do enjoy your snarky cynicism – and don’t even mind if it is directed at me. =D

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