So, the basic idea behind freelancing is simple: Take a job that a corporation would pay you to do on salary, and pimp yourself out to eliminate the middle man.

I have been thinking about my tutoring deal right now with, and it is entirely frustrating. I get paid $10/hour. And today I got my assessment where they told me that my “online percentage” is too low. So even though I’m a good tutor, nah a DAMN good tutor, I could be fired because on the 2 hours I was able to schedule, I accidently missed one – bringing my percentage to 50%. A low sample size. On top of that, I’m told how to approach problems, when to end sessions, ect. ect. So I’m getting paid $10 to be someone else’s bitch. Well, that sucks.

So, looking back at the past month, I tutored around 200 minutes. Which isn’t a lot. Lets round up and call this 4 hours of tutoring in the month. Through my $10/hour pay scale at I made around $40 (actually less). If I were tutoring Chemistry on my own, I would charge AT LEAST $25/hour – since I have a PhD – maybe even $40. So for those same 4 hours of work I could have been making $100-160.

Which means that, by only working 3 hours a week, at $25/hour I could have my $300 for the month rather than the $120 that I would make if I worked the same amount through

Obviously there are some hitches. I’d have to have a more rigid schedule. A set time to meet with tutorees. That is one benefit to working for, is that I can do it when I come home – even if when I come home is at 10pm. Also, having people find out that you are tutoring can be an issue. At, I just log in and VOILA! there is a student waiting for me.

Pros of tutoring for myself:
More money
Less hours
Pick clientele

Cons of tutoring for myself:
Rigid schedule
Gettin’ the work out

Obviously, the pros definitely out way the cons. So Monday I’m going to put up tutoring fliers in the Chemistry building on campus and see if there is a tutor list in the Chemistry office for high school parents. I can also try emailing the teachers at the two high schools in town, and let them know about me, but that seems strange to me.

Ideally I would like to find 3 people that I can tutoring once a week. If they are on campus I can tutor them in the early evenings (like 4-6pm), and off-campus would have to be 7-10pm, which would be more inconvenient for people.

I’m tired of making crap money on So even if I can get just one in real life tutoree, that will go long strides to making progress. There is really no reason for me to work 3 times as hard as I should. And in the mean time, I can still make a little extra cash with

On a COMPLETELY unrelated note: πŸ˜‰

I should also mention that I am an AWESOME CHEMISTRY TUTOR. I’ve been tutoring and teaching chemistry “professionally” for over 10 years now and am pretty darn good at it. So if you need a tutor for your high school or college student, I offer UNLIMITED email and chatting for a month for only $100 (*Note, if we were meeting in “RL” and I was to charge you by the hour it would be $25-40/hr – what a great online deal!). If you’re not sure if you/your kid would benefit, I also offer a FREE one week trial. If you like it, then you can pay the $100 for the month. If you don’t, then you get one week of free tutoring! It is really a win-win situation. =) So if you’re interested, just drop me an email and we can work out the details. Satisfaction guaranteed!


4 Responses to Freelancing

  1. ptitteri says:

    Ha! I found it anyway πŸ™‚

    For what it’s worth, Rosie and I tutored on the side for a few years to help pay off some debt and build and emergency fund πŸ™‚

    For what it’s worth as a reference, we were charging $35/hour for tutoring biology/chemistry/math for local high school kids – and we were getting more business than we could handle. I think we could have charged $40+ and still gotten a lot of business. I found the key was developing a relationship with the local high school counselors’ office. We were probably 80% references from the counselor’s office, and 20% Craigslist for innitial clients.

    Cool blog!


  2. myprettypennies says:

    With a PhD, you should totally be charging more than $10 per hour. I am sure if you market yourself enough you can easily make what you are looking for. Good luck!

  3. SS4BC says:

    myprettypennies: I agree, I SHOULD be making more than $10/hour (and when I started at I WAS making more, stupid pay decreases). But at the same time, the EASE of not having to do anything (hardly) and making money has won over for the past few months. It is not an easy task to set up a tutoring clientele, and in the mean time, the money will pay the bills. =D

  4. Punch Debt In The Face says:

    Give up Private is the way to go. I have posted many times about how lucrative tutoring can be. Im currently charging $40 an hour and have more business than I can take on. I started with one kid at $20 an hour and through referrals and hard work was able to make about $200 a week for 5 hours of tutoring. It’s always better to work for yourself than someone else πŸ™‚

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