Victoria's Secet and Mutual Funds

Every 2 months I get a coupon from Victoria’s Secret for a free pair of panties. They aren’t anything fancy, just a basic thong in black, grey, white or buff. This time they also let me pick one with lace around the edges in black, white or buff. These free panty offers have kept me from having to buy underwear in over a year. I mean, 4-6 free pairs of panties a year is more than enough to balance out the ones that I wear out during that time.

I received my statement from my Mutual Funds today. They’ve lost quite a bit of value in the past year, but at the same time there is still SOMETHING there. So that is something to cling to. I have $3,680 remaining from the $50,000 that I started with in 2000. Most of it was lost after September 11th, I have taken out at least $20,000 over the years to pay for various expenses (i.e. college expenses, grad school expenses, moving expenses after grad school), and there was $8,000 last year before the economy tanked. This money is essentially my safety net. I received it in 2000 when my mother passed away. So rather than calling parents and asking for money, like most people my age do when they have a problem, I’ve had these mutual funds. I also have Bank of America stocks, but considering they used to be a value of $54/share and last time I checked were at $3/share – I don’t even really consider this anymore. I hate checking the value – but since I’m writing about it now I decided to take a look – It is now worth only $564. Which is better than a month ago. Not as good as the $4,000 it was worth a year ago. The stocks will get better, the economy will recover. So I’m just hanging on to my $4,000 safety net while I still have it.

I’m not sure though how to consider this money. It isn’t my retirement. I have two separate retirement accounts through my employer. Technically I only use it for emergency. It is money that is liquidable within a week if I need the money. They are accounts that I would add more money to if I didn’t have debt. I suppose I should consider it “emergency fund” money – but it isn’t the same to me as my ING Savings Account and I don’t know why. The money has no purpose except as my own personal safety net. Perhaps because it fluctuates so much I don’t figure it in – since it is so dependent on the market – whereas the Savings account is only dependent on my spending habits.

Regardless, I think I should keep track of it somehow. It only seems right.

Also, my efforts to save water have really paid off. Last month I only spent $16.44 on water (I budget $40 for this monthly). I’ve been only taking showers every other day – which I know isn’t awesome – but I’m realizing that if I need to take more than I just do it at the gym. I’m also trying to turn off the water for a longer time while I brush my teeth and not leave it running as much when I do dishes. Guess it is paying off. =D


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