4 Cars at a Time

Driving up to Cpt. Baseball’s house I take a highway that is heavily targetted by police. Typically in unmarked cars. Sometimes marked. I have NEVER made the 45 mile stretch of highway without seeing AT LEAST one police vehicle and have, in one instance, seen 13 MARKED cars (who knows how many unmarked). The drive up on Friday I saw something that I had never seen before, but had heard rumors of: The 4 car pull over. And I was in the middle of it. I passed an unmarked car, which I noticed was unmarked, in the slow lane as about 4-5 cars were speeding behind me or in front of me in the fast lane. As soon as the group of fast drivers passed the cop he pulled out, put on his lights, got up to the first of the fast cars. Slowed everyone down, then started pointing at cars to pull over. He pointed at the car in front of me and the car behind me. He pulled over 4 cars – AT THE SAME TIME.

Five miles down the road, on the opposite side of the highway, I saw the result of a similar pull over. There were 5 cars on the side of the road – with a cop standing there handing out tickets.

What balls these guys have pulling over so many people. I NEVER saw anything like this when I lived in California. We went by the “chaser” mentality. Always go fast, but make sure you weren’t the FASTEST. That was the guy who would get pulled over and you would go free.

Doesn’t work here in the mid-west apparently.

Good thing I realized a long time ago that getting there 5-10 minutes earlier wasn’t worth the $100 fine you might have to pay. My money is too important to speed. Which is why I set my cruise control when I drive this stretch of highway to 3 miles above the speed limit. I stay in the right lane and get passed like there is no tomorrow. But I know how many cops are there, and I know I don’t want, nor can I afford to pay for a ticket.

Man… what balls that cop had… freakin’ balls.


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