Performance Bikes and my Credit Card

So when I check my credit card statement recently I noticed a charge on there that was one that I didn’t make – since I haven’t used my credit card for about 3 months now. $25 to Performance Bikes. So I emailed their customer representative and asked her to cancel whatever subscription it is that I have for Performance Bikes and refund me the $25 since I haven’t visited a Performance Bikes store in over 2 years.

She looked up my name: Couldn’t find me.

I then sent her the address that I would have had at the time I joined Performance Bikes: Couldn’t find me.

After 3 or 4 emails she finally just gave up and told me that I should call their customer service number and they’ll try to track the transaction through the credit card number.

So I call. Give them the number. Still couldn’t find the transaction. So the lady on the phone says that she will contact the Accounting department and see if they can find me and give me a call back. Four hours later she calls me, they still have no record of me or this transaction.

But what am I supposed to do: The charge is on my credit card! It is there! I know you have my money!

So I call Bank of America (who’s card the charge was made) and they tell me that it is possible that the charge was made to my OLD credit card number on the same account.

You see, about a year and a half ago, a lot of the numbers and accounts were compromised. So BofA sent out new credit cards to a lot of people with new numbers. But – I have to ask – if the point of the new card is to prevent unwanted charges to the old number, why do they allow charges to the old number?

This still doesn’t answer the question of why they couldn’t find my name or my address, only why they couldn’t find my credit card number.

I call back Performance Bikes and quickly recount the store to the new customer representative. He immediately finds the number and the transaction — but the name and the address are for an ex-boyfriend. One that I haven’t been with in over a year and a half.

So APPARENTLY I can get charged for things with the wrong credit card number, the wrong name AND the wrong billing address. Yes, this makes me feel VERY secure. I’m not happy about it, but glad that the issue was resolved.

Let this be a lesson: Always check your statements and make sure that what you’re getting charged for are actual transactions that you made. My 20 minutes worth of effort netted me $25 back, and I can lower my amount owed on my progress bar. 😉


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