April Fools

I got my first prize from Swagbucks yesterday, a travel guide to Amsterdam. I bought it using gift cards from Amazon.com. I’m really excited about the trip and all. Shortly I’ll need to make some reservations for hostels and things like this, but for now I’m simply content to have the book.

I also ordered my second prize: Guitar Hero! So frivolous, but I figure if I’m not paying anything for it then it is perfect fine to “buy” something frivolous with my “money”.

For those of your who don’t know about Swagbucks yet it is a search engine site that rewards you for doing your normal internet searches. Typically, you’ll get 3-5 “swagbucks” a day for just doing your normal searches. I use the Firefox plug-in, which makes it really easy to remember to do my search through Swagbucks so that I can get the loot. It only take 45 swagbucks to get a $5 giftcard from Amazon.com. I have redeemed 8 of them so far, and I’m only been a swagbucker for about 2 months. My labmate Zhen has cashed in for 2 Amazon gift cards in the past month as well. He doesn’t have ANY referrals, so that is ALL through searching.

It is pretty fun and ridiculously easy, and you get free shit. So what could be better? You should JOIN SWAGBUCKS because there is really no good reason not to.

Okay, enough about Swagbucks. =)

I paid for all of Jack’s daycare up front this month, because I save money by buying it up front. I’m also tempted to just buy huge bags of food for the cats and dog now, so that I don’t have to worry about it later this month. I’ll resist the temptation until he a) runs out of food or b) the $5 off coupon that I sent for arrives.

After paying for the daycare, I have $500 left for the month for all the rest of my spending. Sheesh, how fast the money flies off the shelf once it arrives! April 1st and I only have $500 left! That’s $100/week, which isn’t that bad at all. Definitely do-able, especially if I keep to my $10/day budget for food (which I did last month!!! — more on this later once I get my Excel goodness happening).

So far I’ve spent $3.70 today, but I’ll probably go grocery shopping today and get my free Redbox movie. For those of you who don’t have the code yet, Redbox promo code for today is: MMM401 Put that in at the Redbox and you get a free rental. It is that easy. Here is a link to tell you more.


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