Frustration, Again

Yet another weekend, and yet another large amount of money spent that I didn’t want to spend. Cpt. Baseball just doesn’t seem to understand that I CAN’T spend $10/meal (or $30 like last night), I can only spend $10/day.

Cpt. Baseball paid $3 for a coupon that got him $25 off a $35 purchase at a resturant/bar that he likes. So he suggested that we go. And sure, dinner for $13 total + tip sounds like a GREAT idea. But when he order two beers and then asked me to pay – it ends up being $23 without tip, then I had to tip on the original order price. Oh yeah, did I mention I had to pay for this meal when I wouldn’t have wanted to come here to begin with? Yeah, so I’m a bit frustrated, and I’m getting REALLY sick of having the “I can’t afford this” conversation. It doesn’t help that we’re not at MY place, so I can’t make alternative suggestions or use my cubard stash. I feel very stuck. Last week I brought over stuff for us to have for dinner (a dinner that would normally make 3 meals for me).

So I guess the only way for me to keep this going is perhaps for each of us to pick a day and provide food for that day. So if my day is Saturday, then I need to make sure we have breakfast, lunch and dinner for that day. Whether that is me bringing stuff or having us go out or what. It is up to me. We’ll see, I’ll throw this plan at him and see what he thinks. As for Friday night, I think he should pay for that since I’m driving a hour round trip to see him and the gas adds up.


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