Today was much better

After yesterdays disaster I was really worried about having Jack at home for a second day in a row. Thankfully today was MUCH better. I came back at 5:30 (so he was alone in his crate for 8 hours) and we went to the dog park. He ran around like a mad dog today. Up and dog hills, chasing all sorts of dogs. Yesterday when we went we didn’t stay long, but also the time we were there wasn’t very productive. A lot has to do with the dogs there. If there is a dog there that Jack knows, he’s more likely to play with them. Today his friend Lola was there, and they fought over sticks for an hour.

Afterwards we went to PetSmart and I got him a rubber ball that he seemed to enjoy on Monday. It was only $2, so I got it for him. He has been playing with it all evening. Instead of him growling at the kitchen and trying to destroy my tape dispenser and generally annoying me, he’s been going back and forth between his new ball and his nylabone. He was even playing fetch with me, which is a pretty big deal since Jack NEVER plays fetch.

So, going 2 days in a row wasn’t so bad once I got him good and worn out at the dog park and then found an interesting toy for him to play with.


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