Ways this month could have been different

I just pulled $45 from my “extra” money that I had left over last month to use this month. This is perfectly legit by the rules that I’ve set up for myself, I just feel really bad that I had to do it. So I wanted to assess WHAT I could have done differently to have resulted in me not having to pull these funds.

1) An unplanned dinner at Shanti that cost me $40. I suggested that we go there with Cpt. Baseball and two of my co-workers. I wasn’t expecting it to cost THIS much. I thought the dinner plates were $10/each – not $16. Add in that the waiter put all of our meals together (my co-workers got more expensive dishes than Cpt. Baseball and I) and it turned into a FAR more pricey meal than I was expecting. Note to self: Don’t go to FINE resturants for dinner, only for lunch – it is MUCH cheaper that way. Also, never go to a place that you pay more than $10/meal at that doesn’t give large enough servings for a second meal. That’s the other thing about Shanti – large pricetag, small portions.

2) Too much doggy daycare. While Jack drives me nuts, last week I took him 4 days instead of 3 (the absolute max I can really afford). I could have saved $20 this month by only taking him 3 days a week instead of 4.

3) Dog food. I bought Jack dog food twice this month. In other words, he goes through a bag of $29 food every three weeks. I need to just buy a bigger bag every month. The 30lb bag is $45, whereas the 15lb bag is $28. I would have saved myself about $15 this month had I bought him the large bag. Also, I found out that they sell his dog food at Petco where Cpt. Baseball lives (an hour north), but not the Petco in town. So I need to buy his food there rather than the Petsmart here since Petco has the buy 10 get 1 free program. That will be REALLY nice on the month that he gets it free!

4) Grocery total. I allotted myself $25/week for the grocery store, but then I would have to spent $9/day on food rather than $10. Well, I was finding it near impossible to spend only $9, even though it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. I think what I’ll need to do next month is to have $9/day on week days (M-Th) and $10/day on week ends (F-Sun). Then reduce the grocery budget to $20/week. This may help curb the “going negative” feeling that I get and still help me stay on budget. Eventually I WILL find something that works for me. =D


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  1. Miche says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!! The UBP sure is fun-I am loving finding all these great blogs; like yours! BTW-LOVE the pic of the hockey guys on your other blog…I almost spewed my coffee on the computer when I saw it 🙂 LOL

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