Win a $200 Home Depot Gift Card

Many of you may not know this, but my boyfriend, Cpt. Baseball, put an offer on a house this Saturday. He’s probably going to get it because he’s the only one who has put an offer on this house since it has been listed. In addition the real estate agent is probably close to 98 years old.

The house is in historic Irvington in Indianapolis. I’d like to say that it is beautiful and charming. Well preserved and simply stunning. I’d like to be able to say that.

The truth of the matter is that it isn’t. It needs a LOT of work. It needs a new bath put in upstairs (it is only a half bath upstairs!), a new kitchen (it is currently the size of a small cardboard box), their are unfinished hardwood floors underneath hideously ugly carpet. The citing on the house needs to be completely cleaned.

Anyway, the point of telling you all of this is that we’re going to need the help of Home Depot REALLY badly. We’ll definitely need to rent the Floor Maintainer, the Carpet Cleaner, the Demolition Hammer, and the Tile Saw. Yeah, it is a lot of stuff that we’ll need to rent, but this house needs a lot of work.

Thankfully the fine folks at The Home Depot are giving away a $200 Home Depot Gift Card so we can go out and rent some tools for fixing up this house (or you could rent them for your home improvement projects). I would recommend that you go to the The Home Depot Rental Center and check out what things that they have to rent. They actually have a lot more things than I thought they would! I was very surprised! =D

If you’re not sure how to do some home improvement projects they also offer some really great advice at the Home Improvement Advice website.

So if you’re interested in winning this $200 gift card you should check out the website and see all of the awesome things that they have for rent to help with your home improvement projects. Now that I know they offer so many things, I’ll be sure that Cpt. Baseball goes here for the “big ticket” equipment items instead of buying them when we only need them once. Seems like a great deal to me!


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