Trip to Europe!

I’m starting to get really excited about this trip, in part because of a very long conversation I had with my grandma last night. I realized after talking with her how very important this trip really is for her. This is the only time she’ll ever get out of the country, the only time she’ll wear that fancy jewelry that you have around for just a “special occasion” and the only time she’ll get to see the rest of the world!

After realizing how important of a trip this truly is for her I am redoubling my efforts to make sure that I can have enough money to do this trip without feeling strapped by my wallet. Based on my savings plan and my federal tax return (which should come before I leave, *fingers crossed*) I’ll have about $1300 for the trip.

My great uncle (grandma’s brother, who is coming with us) suggested that we have $2,000 for spending money just for the cruise portion of the trip. This seems a little steep to me, but with all the excursions we’re doing I can see how they can add up. They also require that you put the purchases on a credit card (so you can’t see the price tag add-up), so I’m not quite sure how I’ll do this with my plan for a cash-only trip. I’ll see what I can do though.

With the second half of my trip after the cruise, I figure I’ll need at least another $1,000. I’ll be staying with my friends in Germany for 2-3 nights, then my friends in the Netherlands for another 2-3 nights. Then to Amsterdam for 2-3 nights and Brussels for 2-3 nights. The nights in Amsterdam and Brussels I’ll need to get myself into a hostel or try to do some couch-surfing for free. The couch surfing makes me nervous as a single, female traveler, but I know plenty of people who have done it successfully. I’m getting really excited about this trip now, I can’t wait!


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