Credit Card Credit!

I got my bill today from The Limited and I don’t owe them a dime — in fact I have a CREDIT on my account of almost $4. I’m so excited to finally have that bill paid off. It is such a good feeling. The next month I’ll be saying good-bye to a lot of bills that I’ve been paying on. Limited. Computer. Firestone.

The next one I’ll pay off is my Express, which probably won’t happen until August (I’ll be paying the minimum until after my vacation). Then it will be just me and the big, huge credit card. It is exciting now paying off all of these low balance accounts and very rewarding. However, these are accounts that I would have paid off regardless of my attempts to be frugal and save money. I’ve paid off low balance accounts in the past (i.e. old computer, bed, bike, television).

The difference isn’t in paying these off, but what I will do AFTER they are paid off. Focus on paying off the big, huge credit card and building an emergency fund. SAVING money for items I know I’ll need in the future (I will need a car in the next 2 years, I think I can pay for one in full with cash).

The change is what happens after these small debts are paid off.

I’m still struggling with how much money I spend on food. Part of this is my fault and another part is Cpt. Baseball and his lifestyle. When I initially mentioned to him that I wanted to spend no more than $10/day he was excited. Only 2 weeks after he lost his excitement, and as a consequence I spend more when I see him. I am not sure what to do at this point because I sound like a broken record when I tell him I don’t want to spend that much money and I feel like a stick in the mud when I tell him I don’t want to go out to the bars more than once a month. He considers drinking entertainment costs, I consider it part of my food money. For him going out with his friends is a really important part of his life. Which is fine. It just isn’t for me. Last weekend we went out, the plan was to go to one of his friend’s houses, hang out there for a few hours, then head out to the bars. Not wanting to spend the money, I went over to the friend’s house, socialized for a while, then when it came time to go to the bars I left and let him get his bar-scene on. Saved me a good $20 and my liver thanked me.

We have a very different set of priorities, which seems so odd to me that mine seem to be a little bit more practical when I’m 5 years his junior. But then, perhaps he has no credit card debt like I have to strap himself with every month. He also has a lower rent and transportation costs. So perhaps he can AFFORD to do these things while I can’t. I don’t expect or what him to pay my way when I’m not willing to spend the money on something, but I would like him to respect that I am not going to spend the money.

This weekend I took up one of my Wanchai Ferry dinner that I got with a $1 off-coupon. I made him get the chicken and green bell peppers to add to it. This was my way to help ensure that at least ONE of our meals between Friday night and Sunday night was home-made. Seemed to work out well. I managed to spend only $35 this weekend. Still, I’d like that value to be around $20. Perhaps I should make us go to the grocery store on Friday evening and pick up some stuff for breakfasts. I don’t know, but I do know that something permanent has to change there, because he doesn’t seem to understand how critical this is for me. That extra $15 every week can be the difference between making it and bank fees. I have everything budgeted out to a ridiculous extent and can’t afford every weekend to be an expense-fest – especially when there isn’t anything particular to show for it.

Okay, enough bitchin’ about that. I’m going to go to bed.


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