Week Left

These months where I have an extra weekend in them and an extra day always seem to run me a little thin towards the end. I’m going to be cutting it VERY close this month. I have ~$35 in the ING account, ~$30 in my BofA and then the extra $131 from my reimbursement check, $80 of which I wouldn’t feel BAD about using since I paid $40 the past two months which money that should have been from the reimbursement check. I transferred $25 from my BofA into my ING and $40 from my Chase into the ING. So I have $95 for the last week. Which doesn’t sound *too* bad until you consider that I also need to buy dog and cat food. (Dog food: ~$35; cat food: ~$15) So I have $45 for the next 9 days – or $5/day. I’m going to dig around online and see if I can find some coupons for the pet food. I took Jack to daycare today, so that is $10 down. I’ll have to cancel his appointments for daycare for tomorrow – I just won’t be able to afford it. It will be the first time having him at home for 3 days in a row. Hopefully he won’t get too stir crazy. We’ll be going hiking on Wednesday so that should help, but Tuesday and Thursday will probably be a bear.

I am thinking of switching Jack to cheaper dog food. He constantly has diahrrea right now, even though this is supposed to be a premium dog food. If he is always having to poop and it is runny now, it just seems pointless to at the same time be spending so much money on his food. I found a $5 off coupon, which I made Cpt. Baseball sign up for. So that should help in the future offset the cost. He isn’t a picky eater anyway, so he wouldn’t care what he ate. We’ll see. I have two $5 off coupons heading my way. That should last me until he is a year old. At which point I won’t need to feed him the puppy food anymore anyway.


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