I recently traded in 90 of my Swagbucks for $10 worth of gift cards at Amazon.com. The goal is to purchase my travel guides to Europe with the Swagbuck money.

After going through the website I realized what my next goal will be: New Shoes.

I LOVE my Merrell shoes. I have only two pairs of shoes that I regularly wear (that aren’t dressy or whatever) and both are Merrell. I tend to have very bad problems with shoes, when I was a toddler I had to wear braces on my legs at night to turn my legs the correct direction. I have weirdly high arches and generally most shoes cause me a fair amount of pain, especially on my right foot arch. However, this has NEVER been a problem with my Merrell shoes.

I bought my first pair when I became of member of REI in 2003. I wore these out in about a year and a half. REI let me return them and get a new pair, no questions asked. I wore these out as well. This time I had to buy a new pair, but because of REI’s great member discounts and cash back program I only had to pay $4 for my new pair (regularly priced at $85). It has been 3 years since that infamous transaction and I have purchased a different pair of Merrell shoes that I also adore (I got these on sale at the Walking Store because it is a style they don’t make anymore, which I don’t understand because they are fantastic shoes, but whatever). However, the current pair are falling apart and I need new shoes.

I want to spend the next bit of Swagbucks points on new Merrell shoes. I can either do this through Amazon. The shoes are $80 on Amazon.com or $85 at REI. I can also get a 20% discount at REI with my membership if I time the purchase right. Which would make the shoes around $68 at REI. To get $80 of Amazon.com gift cards I would need 720 points. To get a $50 REI gift card I would need 840 points. So obviously getting them through Amazon is the better deal. I would need less points to pay for it COMPLETELY rather than to pay for only 70% of the price. So that is my new goal, 720 points and getting myself some new Merrell shoes. I have 312 points now (I’d have over 400 if I hadn’t traded in points yesterday, but that’s okay).

Do you want to get free stuff from Amazon.com, too? Just join Swagbucks. It is free, painless and completely awesome.

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