I got errands done this morning, including mailing off my state taxes, depositing my reimbursement check and FINALLY letting the DMV in my old state know that I don’t live there anymore.

It feels good to get those things done. I feel very accomplished. I want the check to clear quickly so that I can pay off my Firestone credit card and finally be near finished with all of my consumer debt (with the exception of the BIG credit card).

This morning I realized that I should switch all of my bill pay over to my Chase account since I can get rewards from that. But right now I’m using it as my vacation fund, so that will just have to wait. I don’t really want to use my BofA account for the vacation fund since there are no ATMs in my state and I want to do the entire trip with cash.

So when I get back I need to remember to switch my bills over to Chase so I can get some sick rewards in the future. =)


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