I finally got my reimbursement check from the conference I went to the end of January/beginning of February. That will go to pay $920 off of my “other debt”. The remainder ($131) will be put into my vacation fund for now.

Right now I have about $200 left for spending for the month. Jack’s daycare is paid for this week and 1 day next week. Which means I would only need to buy 4 more days to complete the month ($40). That leaves me with $160 for the month. At $10/day for food and 15 days left in the month I would have $10 left for the month. I will need to get some gas mid-week. If I come under budget on the food (possible) then I should be good with just the $200 for the month. I have around $40 in my BofA checking that I could put into my ING checking that didn’t go to bills, but I’d like to not have to do that. As well, there is $62 left from my ING checking last month that could also be moved from my savings to my checking. As well, the $131 left over from the reimbursement check could ALSO be used for money this month. So while my actual balance is ~$200, my potential balance is ~$400. I have no intention of spending all of this, but having it as a safety net is always nice.

From now until when I leave for Europe, all extra money ON TOP of paying minimum balance on emergency fund and minimal (NOTE: not minimum) balance on my credit card will go to the travel fund.

I also need to mail off my taxes. I’m a step farther in doing this as I actually printed everything out and have it all together. I just need to go to the post office and MAIL it!


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