Vacation — Again

So it turns out that I’ll need to buy two plane tickets:

1) Flight from Indianapolis to Fresno (I really wish my grandma wouldn’t insist on Fresno, it automatically adds $50 to the price), especially for a one-way ticket. They also add at least one extra flight — giving me even more flight time than it would be just for her to drive. Can’t complain too much though, she’s old and doesn’t really want to drive further, so I can understand.

2) Flight from Copenhagen to Indianapolis. This one will be a little bit more pricey. After looking for flights it became apparent that it will be cheaper to fly out of Amsterdam. Which works out great because I have a friend that lives 1.5 hours from here. So I’ll fly out of Copenhagen the same time as my grandma, but leave to go to Amsterdam. From here the plan is up in the air and I’ll probably do some research on Amsterdam before solidifying it. If I’m feeling money strapped I’ll just head down to my friend’s house and couch surf with him. If I’m feeling a little bit more adventurous and have an extra $40 in my pocket I’ll get a room overnight at a hostel, hang out at some museums/attractions in Amsterdam for a day before heading down to my friend’s house for the weekend.

I can’t wait — I’m just bummed that the original budget of $1,000 is already getting blown up to $1,500 before my eyes.

I was going to put my tax refund towards debt, but now I see that it will have to go to the vacation if I want to try to do this without adding to my debt. I made the deal with myself that I will log in to do 1 tutor session a day. No matter what. If I feel like doing another one, that’s great, but I’ll have a one session minimum per day.

Since the average session is 20 minutes, this isn’t a HUGE increase in salary, but right now I feel like I need to ease into the tutoring thing. At 20 minutes a day I’m only looking at $100/month — which isn’t enough — but for this week I’ll start with this and see how it goes.


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