Quicken Online is really annoying me right as it hasn’t updated my expenditures since Saturday. It feels kinda pointless to use it if it isn’t going to accurately measure my expenses.

After looking at my ING account I noticed that I have around $300 remaining. This is for the next 21 days. So I’ll need to be really sure to keep myself to spending no more than $15/day. With Jack costing me $10 every time I take him to daycare and him going 3 days a week this will be pretty difficult.

I hate living so frugally, and yet feeling forced to spend more money so frequently.

There is one more apartment available at the AV apartment complex that is at the $610/month price. While the garage and the extra room would be nice and having Cpt. Baseball spend time here would be fantastic, I think I need to free up some money in the budget. I can live in a smaller space – and I’d rather do that than have to strap for cash even more than I do now. It is the financially sound thing to do, even if I don’t like it as much.

I’m going to take a look again tomorrow at the apartment. Perhaps another walk through will help me decide.

I got notice today that my reimbursement check is FINALLY coming through. I will be getting $1051 back. $920 is going directly into my car debt, since I took money that I was planning on using for my car to pay for the conference in the hope that I would get the reimbursement back before the 0% interest was up. (The lines you have to walk when you’re THIS broke and in debt!)

So the other $131 is still up for grabs. Obvious things to put it towards:
*Emergency Fund
*Vacation Fund
*Monthly spending

My guess at this point is that $80 will go into the monthly spending, since I had to pay $80 out of my monthly spending because I didn’t have this money sooner. Which gets me near $400 for the month (i.e. around $20/day – VERY doable).

The other $50 will go into the vacation fund which for the next few months I think everything will get poured into aside from minimums on emergency fund and debt. It isn’t the best way to go about life, but sometimes life doesn’t care what the best way is and you just have to go with the flow and try not to drown in the process.


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