I just posted last week about going on vacation and how I shouldn’t if I don’t have the money.

Well, my grandma got a hold of me this weekend and wants to go on a cruise with her brother and his wife to Europe. My grandmother, of course, wants to go, but doesn’t want to go alone. So she wants to take me. And I want to go.

She offered to pay for everything as long as I go — which is great, but I will still need SOME money. I have to pay for Jack’s daycare and have someone come in and check on my cats at least once while I’m gone. I also would want to reimburse her for at least airfare and be able to buy souvenirs and some meals while off the boat. I’m thinking that I’d need at least $1,000 for all of this. Which, I can get. Tutoring. I would have 3 months to earn enough money. Which I could do if I work at getting $100/week — which is essentially 2 hours per day.

I could also use my state tax refund for this purpose, but I’d rather not.

I want to go, because I know that it would be a great experience and I’ll not get to go for cheaper than this – ever. And my grandma is getting old and I know that she won’t go without me. I just don’t want to EVER touch the credit card to make it happen. I earned over $500 the first month that I tutored without breaking a sweat. This time I just want around $400/month. It isn’t going to be easy, but the thought of fantastic times overseas should be some pretty good motivation for me!

If only I could get this motivated every month for paying off the credit card by tutoring!

With this in mind, I’ve decided to turn my Chase checking account into my “savings” account for the vacation. You’ll see that I now have a $1,000 goal bar for that. I won’t really need to do anything since my money automatically gets deposited in this account and I just use it to pay my insurance bill from. I’ll start it from the value it is now and hopefully get to $1,000 by June 4th (last paycheck before I would leave).


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