I took advantage today of the free Redbox code offered by JANE4girls. I was hoping to get Religulous, but they didn’t have it at the Redbox I went to so I ended up getting Blindness instead. I loved the book, and tolerated the movie. It was definitely one that you needed to read the book to fully appreciate some of the nuances of the movie.

I’m also really excited about Swagbucks. I joined exactly 2 weeks ago today and I already have 122 Swagbucks (or the equivalent of nearly $15 worth of giftcards at Not too shabby for basic internet searches and referrals. I have 8 friends right now that have signed up, so I get their first 100 swagbucks that they earn. Now, some of them are going at it pretty hard and other could really care less, so I know that realistically only 2-3 will get to 100. But still, I’m very excited about the prospect of 5-600 points in a few months time! That’s $55 at — which is nothing to sneeze about!

Anyway, if you’d like to earn free money just for doing internet searches that you would do anyway, just join Swagbucks — it is free, easy and REWARDING!

Search & Win


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