The dog — and how I spent my tax refund

When I picked Jack (the dog) up from doggy daycare on Friday they mentioned that he had very severe diahrea. I knew that he had some loose stool and that it had been that way for a few weeks now. I was hoping that it would go away before my next paycheck and if not I could take him to the vet then. Well, it hasn’t, and it has been 3 weeks. And I now had money (i.e. federal tax refund) to afford such an expense without using credit or my emergency fund. So I took him to the vet. $119 later he was given a treatment plan and had a stool sample taken and had some medicine to take. I’ll find out in a week what is wrong with him, hopefully nothing too serious.

I’ve not been doing so hot on my plan for $10/day. And most of that is originating now from going to see Cpt. Baseball and the going out that we do. The first weekend was great and he was fired up, but now he wants to go out and doesn’t seem to care at all about the saving money. I started mentioning that we only go places that we can find coupons for and he made a (mild) joke that I was becoming obsessed with the saving money thing. And well, yeah, I guess I am. I WANT to be financially responsible. I WANT to be financially independent. I WANT to eliminate my debt. So I’m going to have to figure out some new ways to do this with him, because each weekend I end up going into debt. Perhaps I need to sit down and really explain it to him how serious I am about this. It isn’t a passing phase or a silly thing I want to try for a week — I want to learn to LIVE like this –successfully!

I got one of my store credit card bills today and was excited to see the balance at $21. I think I’ll pay it off this month (even though I was only planning on paying $10) just so I can have one card completely paid off. I love the feeling of satisfaction. This month I’ll have TWO lines of credit completely paid off! I can’t wait. This balances didn’t start off being very high to begin with ($200 for one and $1,200 for the other) but having them GONE is such a huge relief and an inspiration that the other balances will soon go down as well. =D


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