"FREE" $$$

I just realized today, that while I am desperately low on funds this month (I have $60 for the rest of the month) I should be getting my $25 bonus from ING in the next few days AND be getting $21 from Amazon.com for selling some one of my DVDs that I didn’t like. So just when I’m getting really low I have almost $50 coming my way. That is awesome!

10 days left in the month and around $100 to spend. My $10/day budget is going crazy!

I was reading this blog of this lady today who has a YEARLY budget of $800 on food (for her AND her 3 kids). She is a coupon person and clips and plans and saves. Many times she goes to the grocery store and will have a BALANCE of 6 cents — the grocery store owes her 6 cents. I scanned her blog for about an hour trying to find a basic “coupon how-to” and couldn’t find anything. She did say that she spends an hour a week cutting coupons, finding them, trading for them and planning her purchases. I don’t know if I would be willing to do all of that, but the thought of being able to eat for basically free is completely enticing. I’m going to do a little searching around and find out how this is done. I have a problem though of buying things that I don’t like/won’t eat. As I was scanning her blog she mentioned that her daughters didn’t like to eat some of the things that she bought or she would get items that I wouldn’t ever WANT for free. Some of the things she got I would love (she got $1 coupons for Hormel chili and then bought them at Kroger when they were 10 for $10, FREE CHILI!). I really want to look into this more, this could be a huge way for me to save money at the grocery store because right now I’m spending about $12/week for 4-5 homemade meals. That is still $3/meal and not quite at the point where I’m making out like a bandit.

At my rate of $10/day for food I will spend $3,650 on food this year. That is 450% higher than this woman spends to feed her ENTIRE FAMILY! I’d be happy to be able to reduce my spending to $5/day eventually once I figure out this whole coupon thing. =)


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