Things to be proud of

I wanted to post this mid-month update just to highlight some of the things that are going well (and others not so well).

First of all, I’ve done an EXCELLENT job of keeping to my $10/day budget without feeling like I’ve had to give up much. I’m still going out to eat during the week with my labmates 1-2 times a week. I’m still getting my Chai Latte 1-2 times a week. And I get to eat dinner out once a week. The other times I’ve made my own food. Right now I’m ~$20 ahead of my target budget. Which means I may end up spending LESS on food per day than $10/day. Which is really exciting.

I also started decreasing the time that Jack spends at doggy daycare from 5 days to 3 days a week. I really wanted to go to just 2 days, but neither him nor I can really handle it until he gets a little older. He did hold his bladder for 7.5 hours yesterday while I was at work, which was really nice. After work I took him to the dog park and he played there for an hour, then we went on a 20 minute hike around the lake near the dogpark. After that we stopped by the park near my house and he played with some dogs there for another 40 minutes. So he still got good and worn out after we were out for nearly 2 hours.

Unfortunately, while I’m under budget for food, I’m over for pet expenses. Mainly because I had to take Jack to the vet. And because I’m taking him to daycare on Wednesday when that wasn’t budgeted. So I’ll need to amend my budget to make sure that this is included next month, since neither Jack or I are very happy when he doesn’t regularly go to day care and run around like a mad-dog.

I got my electricity bill this month and it was much higher than I expected it to be (by about $20), so I’ve decided that I’m going to do budget billing with the electric company where they average my electric use from am entire year and divide that by 11 months. Then the 12 month is a rectification where I either pay the difference or they pay me for the electricity I didn’t use. I think it will be useful for budgeting purposes if I know what I’m going to be paying every month for electricity.


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