$10 Days

I was a little nervous about talking about my new goal to spend $10/day on food or less with Cpt. Baseball. Turns out, I had nothing to worry about at all. He’s trying to save money for a down payment on a house right now, so he was more than thrilled to have me initiate a conversation about saving money (whew!).

So on Friday I told him that I had $3.50 left for the day. So he challenged that we could make dinner for twice that. We ended up making a delicious dinner (that turned into lunch and dinner on Saturday) for $10. A bit over, but that is because we bought $5 worth of chicken so that we could make enough for a few meals. We also purchased 2 yogurts for breakfast ($1). So for $11 we bought enough food for 4 meals. Then as a midnight snack on Saturday I bought some breadsticks for $3.50. So sum total for Fri/Sat I spent ~$15.50, which is nearly $5 under budget. On Sunday we didn’t have breakfast, instead we slept in, and then used a 2-for-1 coupon at Qdoba to get 2 entrees and 1 drink for $7.50. Then we made dinner for $10, which also turned into my lunch for today. So I spent $8.75 on food yesterday. Because of my under-budgetness of my food purchases, I treated myself to a Starbucks this morning ($3.80). My lunch was left-overs from yesterday. So I still have over $6 to spend today.

I’m going to set up a sort of food notebook to write down everyday what I eat and how much I spent so I can keep track. The goal is $10/day. Which means that in February I’ll get $280 total for food. Cpt. Baseball and I decided that we should try and make it a little friendly competition to see who can save the most. I’ll probably lose because I’m allowing myself roll-over money. That way if I want to go somewhere nice or have a Starbucks I can, because I’ve saved up enough money on previous days. BUT I can only spend money I’ve SAVED, not money I haven’t gotten to yet. So I can’t steal money from tomorrow, only used leftover money from yesterday. I like that I don’t have to give up anything, just have to be more money conscious.

I also checked out a book from the library called Dream Dinners. It doesn’t have exceptional reviews on Amazon, but it was the only book of this nature at the library. My plan is to have once a month cooking days where I essentially prepare ~15-20 meals (microwavable for lunch and over for dinner). This way I can prepare food in bulk and save time cooking (which I hate doing). So I’m going to pick out a few recipes to try them and see if I like the idea.

Here is to hoping that this will be my key to finally getting my head above water. Having someone to do it with should make it even better and help me stay accountable. =)


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