Good News

I’m still tight on money this month, so that isn’t the good news. And I’m still waiting in the mail my debit card from ING so I can switch that over to be primary checking account and my money from my stocks so that I can buy my plane ticket to my conference (which I will be reimbursed for in February).

However, I emailed the head of the chemistry department for the local community college and received a response from him that they didn’t have any positions for the spring quarter, but that he would be making a schedule for the summer in a few weeks and would definitely want me to teach a class. It will probably be an Introductory chemistry class for nursing majors, but that is really unimportant. Teaching is teaching and money is money. Likely, based on previous adjunct positions I’ve had, I’ll make $1,500-3,000 for the semester. The rate will depend on how much this place pays, but typically I’ve found that an adjunct will make around $40/hour for work (not including any prep time) or at minimum $500 per credit hour. I was lucky enough to each for some places last fall where I made $1200/credit hour! This is much better than the <$10/hour I'm making at I am not planning on leaving, but may keep to a 5 hour/week minimum during the time I'm teaching. I like the security of knowing that if all else fails I *can* put in 30/week + floating time to make ends meet.

I’m very happy to have my foot in the door for adjuncting, as it will be great for me monetarily and professionally. I have yet to determine how I will aliquot this money, but I may just put all of it straight on my credit card and just consider the extra money that I’ll have from not making a credit card payment those months I’m teaching my “pay” — which will still be $400/month over two months which is nothing to sneeze at. Alternatively, if I only get 2 paychecks (likely over the summer), I may put one of the credit card and the other in the emergency fund.

I’ll think about this more fully when I know for sure I’ll be teaching and how much money I’ll be making.

In terms of tutoring, I have yet to have a single session in the last 3 weeks. Just online waiting. Mainly because I’ve been choosing times that there are not likely to be students logging on. Mainly this week because my sister is in town and I would rather spend my time hanging out with her rather than tutoring. Next week I have signed up for 4 hours during peak tutoring times and 4 hours in off times, so that should give me a nice balance.


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