December — the end of the year

Last month was horrible, just awful. I’m so embarrassed to even post my numbers for each of the categories I have on the right have side of the page.

I ended up buying some clothes at Express the day after Thanksgiving, which brought my “Other Debt” total higher because of these purchases. Also, the laser treatment made me completely reliant on both my credit card and my emergency fund. The credit card debt has subsequently increased and the emergency fund has decreased. In addition, my rate at has decreased again because of the economic crisis (down to $10/hour) and I’ve been tutoring less per week because of the attention that I’ve been paying to the puppy.

I have been trying to make a point though of tutoring enough in a month to cover his doggy daycare (which is $10/day), but obviously this will be one of the first things that gets taken out when push comes to shove. I have him going 5 days a week right now, but know that he would be fine with only 3. He is just such a happier dog when he goes and I’m able to focus on other things at home in the evening instead of just watching him (i.e. tutor).

I need to step back for the next few days and reassess what I’m doing monetarily. Somehow I never seem to have enough cash, with the exception of October which went well. There need to be direct changes in how I handle money and how I spend my money. I think this boils down to me needing to be fully dealing in cash. I keep saying this every month, but the difficulty lies in that there are NO Bank of America ATMs here aside from in the mall. And I just CAN NOT go to a mall on a monthly or weekly basis to get cash. So I need to fully switch over my spending money to my Chase account. Which means two things:

1) I need to figure out how much I’m spending on bills each month and keep this amount in my BofA account. The remainder needs to go to the Chase account.

2) I need some sort of overdraft protection put on my Chase account. If this is going to be my primary spending account, I need to have some security to prevent overdraft fees. I do have a VERY old Chase credit card from when I bought a computer in 2003 from Circuit City, but I’m not sure if they will allow me to set this up for overdraft protection. I need to call them to find this information out.


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