Crazy November

I knew that this month was going to be a stretch for me. Mainly because I decided that I would go forward and get my last lasering treatment done. I postponed it a few weeks so that I would have 2 months worth of money to use, and that helped a bit. I carefully weighed my options: 1) Saving money this month and not getting 2 free treatments or 2) Scrimping this month and getting 2 free treatments later.

Since I’ve already “invested” over $8,000 in this whole ordeal, it seemed stupid to stop now when I’m $450 away from finishing. Yes, that is A LOT of money. Yes, people might say that it is a frivolous use of my money, but once I made the initial decision to do the lasering to remove the hair from my legs and bikini area, I committed myself to the financial burden. Not following through with the treatment left me at a place where I would have WASTED the money that I had already put in to the procedures. And honestly, that would be worse to me at this point than saving $450 this month.

Unfortunately, because I have a dog now, I had to add to this expense the $200 to board him while I was gone. Thankfully I had enough miles on my American Airlines account to get the round trip for free. I combined the trip with an early Thanksgiving visit to my family — and VOILA! I got a lovely vacation home complete with turkey and mashed potatoes.

Now to pay for everything I had to rely both on my credit card AND my emergency fund. And now I’m looking at around $100 for the rest of the month, which is “ok” for 2 weeks, but not spectacular. Thankfully I haven’t entered into the negative category yet, so that is a positive. I will need to start eating a few more lunches at home and keep up with my $1 breakfasts for the rest of the month.

While I was in California, I tried to close my BofA savings account. However, they didn’t actually close it, which was really weird. The lady gave me my money and said that it would be closed by the end of the day. However, when I checked today, nearly a week after I asked them to close it, it was still open! So I’ll have to give them a call and find out what is up with that.

I’m debating whether to change my cell phone carrier or not. The pros of this plan are that the University that I work for has a deal with AT&T so that I would get 12% off my monthly bill. However, my nights would change to 9pm instead of 7pm. Also, the “deal” that I have right now with Sprint is the “fair and flexible” plan where I don’t get charged outrageous amounts for going over my minutes, they simply charge me for the plan that has the number of minutes that I use. I like that because I never have a month with an outrageous bill, it is usually $55/month and if it is a month where I talk a lot during the day it maxes at $80/month for me. This is great because I don’t end up with one of those months where I talk a lot and end up with a bill for $300, which HAS happened to me before. So thus I’m still debating. On a month to month basis, I think AT&T would be cheaper. But for those occasional crazy months, it might be best to stick with Sprint. I should get my bills for the past year and see what the maximum number of minutes is that I have used, and base my plan for AT&T off of that, including paying $5 for 7pm nights and see what it comes out to.

On the Christmas related front, I’m happy to say that 90% of my presents have been bought. I have to send off my present to Mark, I’m just going to get my step-bro and sister a card with maybe a gift card in it, and I am going to make a scarf for my grandma from yarn I already have. The only “big” gift I have left is for my sister. I haven’t figured out what I want to get her yet. I need to get a price limit for myself before hand. I’m thinking $50-75, but I’m not sure what to get her in this range.


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