This week I started getting Christmas presents. Mostly because I’m going to San Diego and then to Mariposa, California this week to celebrate an early Thanksgiving with my family.

So I bought some presents for the family that I have that is there. I got something for my dad, sister, grandma and step-grandpa. I am trying to spend less, but always feel when I spend less that I’m not getting them “great” presents. I got my dad an underwater DVD series that I think he’ll like, a movie for $10 from Target and an IU shirt that he’ll get a kick out of. I got my sister some movies that I know she’ll like, but really feel like I want to get her something more. I’m thinking that the “rest” of her gift will be a plane ticket to come see me for Spring Break (which I can pay for in January). For my grandma I got her a DVD that I know she’ll love, and I got Rick (step-grandpa) a DVD game of Who Wants to be a Millionare. For my other grandma, I’ll probably crochet her a scarf of the plane. She’ll appreciate that.

I ended up spending a good sum of movie, but it could have been a lot worse. I’d like to get my grandma something else and my sister, but am unsure of what really.


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