Finance Charge

I feel like a complete idiot right now. My chart of the right of the page says that my credit card balance is nearly $200 lower than it actually is when I checked my account this morning. Since I haven’t made any charges on it this month, this confused me at first.

When I looked at my statement from last month I realized what happened: Finance Charge!

I knew that I got charged for using my credit card, but when you just spend money it just sort of adds into all the other things that you’ve charged. But when you’re PAYING OFF the credit card it SUCKS to see the $400 that you put on the card magically turn into a little over $200. That’s a lot of money, just gone. Gone because I just *had* to have whatever it is that I put on the credit card 3 years ago. I don’t even KNOW that I’m paying this nearly $200 a month FOR. And this is the biggest problem of all.

In other news, with a week left in the month, I have around $200 left. Which is honestly less than I thought I would. I thought I’d have around $400 at the end. I’m a little disappointed in myself because of this, so in November I’ll have to reshape some of my rules to help confine me to my budget.

I’ve also been doing a piss-poor job of getting tutoring money this month. Last month I ended up with $531 for the month, with 1 week left I have only $305 this month. I’ll be lucky to get myself to the $400 mark, which is honestly not enough. Especially with a trip to California in my future next month. I still have 5 hours on the schedule this week (2 this evening and 3 tomorrow). And I’ve signed up for 11 hours next week. If I tutored the entire time for all of these sessions (unlikely) I’ll be up to $497. That is a reasonable amount of money, so I need to make sure this happens.

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