So I decided that the answer to my lasering question was to combine the trip with my Thanksgiving trip. I have essentially pushed back my lasering two weeks and pushed forwards Thanksgiving two weeks. Thus I only have to get 1 round trip ticket. I have enough miles saved up on American to get a free round trip ticket, the problem is that the return flight is a really shitty flight with an overnight layover in the Dallas airport. I suppose I could do that and schedule myself to tutor during that time and pay the $6 fee for internet access. Thus I’d be making money and saving money at the same time, but an overnight layover in an airport blows. And I would have to take a sleeping bag or something to make myself comfortable. Tickets right now on American and on Northwest are $250. So I’ll hold out for a few more days and keep checking the flights that are available with my points. Perhaps something will open up soon with a shorter layover that I can get for free.


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