Breath of Fresh Air

I’m feeling so confident about money this month. I’m a week into the month and still have over $1000 of income that I can use. This is not to say that I’m going to go on a spending spree, but there have been many months where at this point I would be down to $200-300 dollars a week in.

The extra work from tutoring is really giving me the economic boost that I needed.

I do have two more bills to pay this month (electricity and cell phone), but combined they shouldn’t be more than $150. I have $500 left in my “fun money” to spend on food and clothes and shots for the dog. It feels great to have that much money left for 3 weeks. This new money plan is really working out well.

I tried today to cancel my BofA savings account online. It was a complete cluster fuck. Even though when I signed in I stated that my account was in California, they connected me with a non-California representative. So after explaining to her what I wanted to do and having her type slow as old balls, I didn’t get anything accomplished. So I’m going to call customer service, since I’d rather wait on the phone and get it right. Or I may log back into the chat later and BEFORE giving out any information tell them I want the California group.


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