Failing Economy: Personal and National

On Thursday I was having a horrible crisis. I realized that I had about $17 to my name combined in my two checking accounts. Nothing in my savings. And I had gone to the max on my credit card so I have NOTHING for emergencies or basic food supply.

I went to Kroger and after 30 minutes of shopping around realized I would get the most amount of meals for my dollar by getting a 1/2 gallon of milk, a box of generic cereal, pasta and a can of sauce. I reasoned this would get me through about a week of lunches and dinners. My total came out to $4.32. Not too bad for a week’s worth of groceries. But I also had to consider that I had a new puppy who needed to get shots on Saturday.

I researched on Friday that possibility of a payday loan. This didn’t seem like a good option, but something that I thought I may HAVE to do it worse comes to worse. I also sold about 10 of my Bank of America stocks. Which is a horrible thing to do right now considering the financial state of banks and brokerage companies in the United States right now. THANKFULLY, the two companies that I have money with (Bank of American and Goldman Sachs are not going under (yet). But right now Goldman Sachs is one of only two of the major companies left, and they are restructuring right now to open as a bank. I’m not sure how that will work out for them, but I hope they don’t go under. I’m leaving my money in both accounts right now in a hopes that it will help the economy more now (and me as a result) if I don’t pull my money out of these stocks and mutual funds.

Needless to say, I did need to pull out a little for myself. But I wouldn’t get that for 7-10 days, so I knew that I still needed some sort of money to tie me over until that came. I then thought that maybe I could do a cash advance from an old credit card that I had opened in 2003 to buy a computer from Circuit City. I didn’t have a card, but I did have an account number and the account is through the same bank that I have my second checking account with, so I decided to see if I could do that. I went to the bank and they said without the card they wouldn’t be able to do the cash advance. It would take about 7-10 days to order the card. So I was screwed there.

It was looking like my only option would be either the payday loan or to borrow money from Cpt. Baseball. Both of these are not desirable things to do. I got home and checked my mail — and there — beyond all reason and belief — was a check from my stepfather for $75. If was my birthday money, a month late. But somehow perfectly on time! Thus, my stepfather’s gift to me was that I would be able to pay for my dogs shots and be able to feed myself for a few more days.

I’m still shit ass poor. I have to go home for lunch and dinner everyday. If an emergency did happen I would be piss out of luck.

I’m really nervous about next month because I need to:

1) Register my car here (no idea how much this will cost, but needs to be done September 30th).
2) Buy plane ticket to San Diego for lasering (~$250)
3) Buy leg lasering (~$550)

I know that getting the lasering right now is so financially stupid. I KNOW THIS. It is the last treatment that I have to pay for, and then I’ll get two free whenever I want. So it feels so very stupid NOT to do it when I’ll get two free if I DO do it. That said though, I don’t have the money to pay for it.

I need to sit down with my finances again sometime this week and see if I’ll be able to afford this $800 expense this month. That’s a lot of money to forfeit up a month after I am financially devastated.

In other news the tutoring is going REALLY well. It two weeks of tutoring I have netted 1,885 minutes in session and 434 minutes waiting for a student. This comes to around $350 by my calculations and about $397 by theirs. I’m waiting to get my first paycheck (October 4th) to see which values are actually correct. I’m going by the lower number and hoping for the upper. I have 5 more hours scheduled this week, but am very confident that I can make at least another $150 this week. My goal right now to get up to $500. Having $500 as spending money will make me feel very comfortable going into October and possibly having some extra money to put into the credit cards or to pay for the lasering.

I’m very frightened by my finances this month, but am exceptionally hopeful for the future. I also need to start planning for Christmas. I know that it is coming up and I need to figure out how I can CHEAPLY get the people on my shopping lists some good junk.


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