I made a little “impulse” purchase on Monday of a puppy. I say impulse not because I didn’t want a puppy, but because it is a financial choice that I probably shouldn’t make but a social one that I wanted to make.

He was only $50 to adopt, but since he is a puppy will be needing shots and such for the first few months. I found a vet clinic in Indianapolis that is fairly inexpensive for routine things, so I think I’ll take him there to get that stuff done rather than to whomever his full time vet will be.

I also have two cats, but as they are 5 years old now, they’ve become a minimal expense. Just a bag of cat food and a box of litter a month. They have tons of toys, so I don’t need to buy them stuff like that. Since they haven’t been to the vet in about 4 years, it probably wouldn’t hurt to give them a check up — but I just prefer to keep them at home unless they have any abnormal behavior.

Anyway, so I got the puppy. Who is ridiculously cute, but for the first few months will be a new financial stressor. I’m not sure how much it will cost to get him fixed, though a friend told me that the clinic does it for $50 — which is a great price. Plus three more rounds of shots for him and I’m looking at quite a large chunk of change.

So my decision right now is where the cost for him will come from. I know that theoretically it should come from my spending money account (my money), but because I have him now it will be difficult to put in those extra hours to get money to pay for him. So I think it will just come out of my Bank of America account that is used to pay bills. For now though, everything that I have to do this month is just going on my credit card, since I have pennies to my name for the rest of the month. I know this is a bad way to start my new financial life, but I don’t get to start my system until October when my first paycheck arrives. Until then I’m living on borrow money.

After typing that I went to see how much money I actually have. Turns out there is only $17 in my checking. $5 in my savings. $6 in my other checking account. And an available credit on my credit card of $4.

I have obviously reached rock bottom financially. I can’t even afford to fix an emergency. Since it is still 12 days till I get paid, I’m taking $200 out of my stocks. It will still be about 5 days till I get that money, and this is such a small margin of error. I hate borrowing money, but I may ask Cpt. Baseball for a temporary loan until the stock money comes in. I can always tell him that I can’t come up this weekend because of the dog, but that is a sorry excuse.

We’ll see what I can do about making it through this financial time. I just need to ride this out until October. That isn’t to say that come October all my financial decisions will be solved, but that is when I can start doing these things that will help stop a financial crisis like this from happening.


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