Busy Times and an Expensive Saturday

I was scheduled for 4 hours of tutoring last night. I figured that since it was a Friday night, it would be really slow going. BOY WAS I WRONG!

I had 6 sessions in 4 hours, with an average session length of 28 minutes per session. So you can see I was pretty busy during this time. The last hour did die down a bit, but it wasn’t that much slower.

I’m scheduled for another 3 hours today, originally I thought that it would be slow on a Saturday night, but now I’m not counting on it. I’m guessing I’ll at least have 1 person per hour. Oops… got a tutoree right now!

This weekend was really expensive, so far. Mainly because my labmate Nick asked me if I wanted to go to the movies with him. I had already spent my “splurge” money that day on a Starbucks, but I also don’t want to turn down the few social interaction opportunities that I get here since I’m new. So I agreed and we went to go see a $5 movie, but I ended up paying for both of us and he bought popcorn. All in all I spent $15 today when I wasn’t planning on spending more than $5-6.


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